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reason is to make more

Le 28 décembre 2014, 04:17 dans Humeurs 0

 Apple has always been to get the so-called innovation than rival products (such as smart phones and tablet PCs) a higher premium to get more revenue and profits. However, this year the release of Apple's new iPhone6, especially its 16GB version and 32GB version of the reservation cancellation, the industry started to make a profit means noticed outside of Apple's innovation.Recently, the market research firm's latest report released Above Avalon, Apple reserves the 16G entry level iPhone6, will allow Apple to earn $ 3 billion in 2015. The report hinted that Apple reserves edition 16GB iPhone6 ??reason is to make more of iOS users in the next time you buy a new phone, select 64GB version of iPhone, and higher storage capacity of Apple's nike air max 90 womensiPhone will make more money. The key issue seems to be the difference in the flash memory. In fact, back in 2012 when the iPhone4S release, the market research firm Bernstein Research study on the discovery, iPhone 4S lets Apple NAND flash big profits. The research firm said Apple was at a price of about $ 0.67 per GB buy NAND flash memory, 16GB flash memory and thus calculate the cost of procurement of only $ 10.72. The 32GB version of the iPhone 4S than the 16GB version only

16GB flash memory, Apple do this just to pay the cost of $ 10.72, and the user at the time of purchase 32GB version iPhone45S, you need more than 16GB version iPhone4S pay $ 100.So today, on this cost gap is bound to further reduce that further reduce the cost of Apple's flash memory capacity difference between even close to zero. This is also why the industry come for Apple, 64GB and 128GB flash memory costs, the cost is not high a year ago 32GB and 64GB of flash memory, and a 32GB flash memory in 2014 and last year's 16GB flash memory should cost the same conclusion. It is worth noting that no difference in cost, and does not reflect the actual purchase of iPhone users, that pricing is still currently iPhone6 ??accordance with 16GB, 64GB nike air max 90 womensand 128GB flash different incremental $ 100 to sell.Here, if the industry is simply that Apple iPhone is the only no-cost through the use of different capacity flash memory difference between (or minimal cost difference) of the price difference to make a profit, it is too violent for the user and a single, because For Apple, from the user's point of view, it needs to be done to make things logical, illogical job.Recently some research for Apple iPhone, an economics professor at Harvard Sendhil Mullainathan released which had references. That is, its use of data from Google Trends for the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, respectively, produced a chart

and found every time Apple releases a new machine when a user searches for iPhone slow frequency peaked, other times it will fall; Samsung case is completely different, the user search for Galaxy slow frequency although also showed an increasing trend, but with hair not made a new machine there is no relationship. Although the new machine Mullainathan release, and did not talk about iOS and Android, the difference between the two systems on OS fragmentation and other older phones may affect the performance of the problems, but he noted that Apple has the power (to enhance the sales of smart phones) and methods nike air max 90 hyperfuse sale(Control OS) to achieve lower iOS performance on older models, which are Google and Samsung are not available. Because the former lack of motivation, lack of the latter method. At the same time, Mullainathan said that when users complain devices run slower, fragmented and did not produce the result of a symmetrical. That only 18% of Android users are using the latest operating system, and this value in the iPhone users has reached 90%, but the new system is running slow this problem is encountered most iPhone users.I do not know the industry study looked Mullainathan feel  Although Mullainathan did not come to Apple's closed ecosystem to use their strengths to deliberately reduce the old section of the iPhone's performance and experience in order to indirectly stimulate the

a different advantage in

Le 28 décembre 2014, 04:16 dans Humeurs 0

260 million profit, millet profit last year was $ 566 million renminbi (Wall Street Journal data), or $ 56 million (US investment in the file). Samsung and Apple smart phone market is still grab most of the profits, while domestic manufacturers are always in the low-end market price of brutal civil war. Low margins and lack of core technology is still the biggest problem of domestic manufacturers. Millet recently in China Taiwan and India, patent barriers encountered is the best example.Once again, Samsung in the smart phone still has a huge advantage of the whole industry chain. Samsung's core technology businesses across all areas of the panel, chip, camera, batteries and other smart phones, but also in every field occupies a different advantage in chips and two core components of the control panel of the market supply. Samsung has a Super AMOLED display of top nike air max thea womenstechnology, but the vast majority of domestic manufacturers are sourcing panels from Samsung or Japanese manufacturers.In the low-end mobile phone market share decline at the same time, Samsung also has achieved growth in chip area, the season of light chip business to achieve a $ 2 billion operating profit, flat panel display business profit $ 55 million. In NAND chips, Samsung market share up to four percent. Most of Apple's iPhone chip supply is also completed by Samsung. In the chip sector, domestic manufacturers

Huawei only achieve self-sufficiency of the chip.In terms of specific technologies, domestic phone is still the cost to go the low road. Leading smartphone trend is still Apple and Samsung, the big-screen iPhone and Galaxy Note duel, Apple launched the fingerprint identification, Note Edge released curved side panel of this forward-looking technology, and domestic manufacturers more in launched a similar technology but cheaper version a year later. In the smart phone innovation, domestic manufacturers do is more affordable, value for money, instead of the latest technology and forward-looking design.Edge comes one more, this curved side panel product solves the problem of large-screen smart phone to view full-screen experience and messages. Many air jordan 6 salesimply view the message type applications and operations can be moved to the side to complete, so that the user does not have to interrupt the current main application. As mainstream media CNET Technology evaluated, Edge is smart phone design milestone, This is completely dominated by Samsung technology may in the future become a universal solution. Perhaps future Samsung will join Edge as a model Galaxy S product line.Finally, the Samsung-made assertion beat come from  Although the large number of shipments, Apple and Samsung's market share of Chinese manufacturers are the decline, but Apple only high-end market, while Samsung products

are covered by high low across the board, is a direct impact on domestic manufacturers opponent. A large number of cheap domestic mobile phone shipments to Samsung indeed also brought a significant effect on the low-end market, a direct result of the decline in Samsung's market share.In addition, domestic beat Apple This thesis written, perhaps even their own media had not even believe it. Still there is a lot to pay tribute or imitation iPhone-style products in the domestic market, but also all kinds of mobile phone UI can see the shadow of iOS. In contrast, Samsung is the most appropriate stepping stone. Although Samsung smartphone market leader, but also a manufacturer from Korea, rather than domestic worship to American innovation.Domestic air jordan 6 salemanufacturers need to boost morale, media colleagues need to attract attention, plus a little nationalism and pride. Pigment plus a few taste it, domestic defeat Samsung, the thesis is written naturally. Author write happy, readers see the passion, manufacturers see emotion. Write such an article, when they should conform very happy.Domestic and Samsung still probably point out there is a huge gap and outdated, but also to the rise of domestic invincible world pour cold water on a beautiful bubble. But domestic manufacturers face advances, does not mean that we should boast. Flattery and Bangsha, word, huge difference. The industry knows that

nike air max 90 sale

Le 28 décembre 2014, 04:16 dans Humeurs 0

see some some disagreement statements. XX beat Samsung is often seen in the recent sentence, XX course, domestic manufacturers. Such a document can always win applause.Rising domestic manufacturers is clearly an indisputable fact, with a cost advantage of low price high parameters, 2,000 yuan in low-cost domestic market is still dominated almost. Huawei, millet, Lenovo, Meizu, ZTE, several major domestic manufacturers in this market and lower the price of 1,000 yuan is Cidaoxianhong nike air max 90 salegolf, vocal opposition continued.Rising domestic newborn forces merits praise, but overdone becomes flatter flattery. What is flattery  Too much praise and hype, will lead to others being praised by incurring resentment. Today's words, this is the excessive reaction of marketing. Millet and other domestic manufacturers, not black not blow is the most appropriate position. However, it does not seem easy to do, especially in the increasingly fragmented media discourse situation.If the domestic manufacturers is flattery, then the domestic media

reports Samsung seems Bangsha. What is Bangsha  Interested enlarge criticized the current problems, combat has been criticized object product popularity and market confidence. Because domestic manufacturers in the low-end market, a lot of impact, Samsung and HTC, Sony, LG and other Android camp Warlords have some surprise, the low end of the market share in the Chinese market, a marked decline in general.But the impact of this kind of low-end market is still far from reaching beat Samsung proportions. In the affirmative premise of the domestic mobile phone upward trend, but also clearly see the lack of nike air max 90 saledomestic mobile phone behind the prosperity of the domestic mobile phone with Apple and Samsung smartphones these two giants still there is a huge gap between the objective. Flattery no domestic help, Bangsha Samsung is not objective.Samsung really been defeated domestically  From the current gap of view, is far. Measure the strength of a smart phone manufacturers have a lot of standards, but not yet a homemade achieve beat Samsung level. Samsung is still the strongest Android camp, and domestic manufacturers have significant gaps.Samsung is still the smartphone market top. Comprehensive consideration

IDC, Strategy Analytics and Gartener such as market research company's global smartphone market in the third quarter data, Samsung's market share has shown a decline of at least seven percentage points, while Huawei, millet, Lenovo, which is the top three domestic steadily rising to 5% level. But the distance between Apple and Samsung's 12% market share of 24% is still a huge gap there. Various statistics or different, but Samsung smartphone sales quarter or third of Huawei millet or nearly five times.Samsung's share of the decline was mainly due to the low-end market in China suffer from domestic manufacturers of nike air max 90 salesiege, while China is the most important market for Samsung. Quarter, the fastest growing millet, market share increased by almost four percentage points year on year, thanks to a large number of shipments is more red rice and other products more than 800 yuan. In the more than 3,000 high-end market is still Apple and Samsung both strong competitive territory. Because of this, even though profits fell to lows for three years, Samsung's operating profit in the third quarter, still up $ 3.9 billion, still has 18.7% profit margin.The domestic manufacturers, the association's most recent quarter was $

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